ICREST International’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Action Guidelines for Supply Chains:

ICREST International, LLC. follows the CSR Action Guidelines established for ITOCHU Group suppliers as set forth below:

  1. Suppliers shall respect the rights of their employees and shall not treat employees in an inhumane manner including verbal and physical abuse.
  2. Suppliers shall not engage in forced labor, child labor, slavery, or human trafficking.
  3. Suppliers shall not practice discrimination in hiring and employment.
  4. Suppliers shall prevent unfair low-wage labor.
  5. Suppliers shall respect the rights of employees to organize and bargain collectively to promote smooth negotiation between labor and management.
  6. Suppliers shall ensure that employees’ working hours, holidays, and use of leave of absence are properly managed so as to comply with statutory standards.
  7. Suppliers shall strive to provide employees with a safe and healthy work environment.
  8. In the course of their business activities, suppliers shall duly consider the need to conserve ecosystems as well and local and global environments, and strive to prevent the occurrence of any environmental pollution.
  9. Suppliers shall observe all related laws and international rules, and ensure fair transactions and prevent corruption.
  10. Suppliers shall disclose information regarding the above items in a timely and appropriate manner.